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Exploring The Potential Of Litecoin

Summary Litecoin is a cryptocurrency designed from a fork in the Bitcoin blockchain, and it is the first Altcoin to be created. Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee. It was designed as an open-source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with lower transaction fees, four times faster than Bitcoin in processing and confirming transactions. Table of Contents Introduction Bitcoin

Stablecoins And The Future of Money

Summary Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged to another stable/high-performing currency like the Dollar or Pound. Stablecoins are sometimes called the fiat of crypto and maintain stability for investors and traders in the highly volatile crypto market. There are four types of stablecoins: Fiat-backed stablecoins, Crypto-backed stablecoins, Commodity-backed stablecoins, and Algorithmic stablecoins. Table of

Bitcoin ETF: Could Things Go Wrong?

Table of Contents Wall Street Welcoming a BTC ETF The crypto community is currently buzzing with news on the launch of the first spot Bitcoin ETF for the U.S. market, closely monitoring the price of the coin, which has been significantly fluctuating over the past few weeks. If rumours were to come true, a Bitcoin

Decoding Altcoins: Types and Differences

Table of Contents Since its release in 2009, Bitcoin has held the crown as the first and most popular cryptocurrency in the digital assets realm. However, the cryptocurrency space is so much more than just Bitcoin – there is a wide world of alternative digital currencies yet to be explored. These alternative cryptocurrencies, collectively known

Fantom – The Next Hot Crypto Coin?

As a new asset class with novel features unprecedented in their conventional counterparts, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether are taxed differently around the world. Some jurisdictions

Bitcoin’s Sudden Uptober Surge into a 17-Month High

Table of Contents Introduction As BTC has been making the headlines pretty much everywhere for the past week, we thought we would jump on the trend – the BitDelta way! 2023 was most certainly volatile for the markets, riding the waves of different narratives. From the biggest banks collapsing, and crypto major players facing unprecedented

What is Render Network?

Summary Founded in 2017 by Jules Urbach, the Render Network is a blockchain based global rendering platform where GPU work is used to help create next generation 3D Content. Simply explained, Render Network is a provider of decentralised GPU based rendering solutions. RNDR is the native token of the Render Network, and it serves three

What is SingularityNET (AGIX)?

Summary SingularityNET is an open and decentralised ecosystem that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create a global marketplace for AI services. The platform aims to democratise access to AI by allowing developers to publish their services to the Singularity network, which can then be accessed and utilised by others. SingularityNET was founded in

A Beginner’s Guide to the Main Types of Blockchain Systems

Summary As the name gives it away, public blockchains are open to the public, and everyone with an internet connection can use it while private or permissioned blockchains are closed to the public and are only accessible to specific verified users. Consortium blockchain systems are a combination of public and private blockchains. Federated or consortium

What is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)?

Data has proven to be an integral part of the digital landscape, as it enhances innovation or technological advancements. However, access to data has been difficult for many individuals and corporations as few companies with massive data assets and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities have been in control. To tackle this issue and kick-start a new

What’s the Difference Between Bitcoin Spot ETF and Bitcoin Futures ETF?

Summary An ETF acts like a stock on a stock exchange, however, it follows the price of one or a group of assets that can belong to a variety of markets Just like regular ETFs, crypto ETFs follow the price of one or a group of cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin spot ETF is investing directly in

A Beginner’s Guide to the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model

Summary The stock-to-flow model looks at a commodity’s supply from two different angles: how much is the asset’s existing supply (Stock) and how much is yet to be produced (Flow). It then assesses the asset’s scarcity. Back in 2019, PlanB, an anonymous quantitative analyst and investor, introduced the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model in his “Modeling Bitcoin

What is a Whitepaper in Crypto?

Summary A business or non-profit organisation can draft a white paper to explain a product or service they are offering or planning to offer in the future. Based on the intentions they have in mind, they can either talk heavily about technical details or highlight the features of their service/product on a higher level to

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Summary The Basic Attention Token is an interesting crypto project that focuses on the decentralization of digital marketing and advertising through its main application, Brave Browser. Brave Browser is a privacy-focused browser that allows users to enjoy its built-in ad blocker and crypto wallet. The browser also has a reward program that offers BAT tokens

What is Algorand (ALGO)?

Key Notes Algorand is an eco-friendly public blockchain that addresses blockchains’ scalability problems without compromising security. It is the first blockchain network in the world to utilise the pure proof of stake consensus mechanism in its blockchain. ALGO, the native cryptocurrency of the Algorand blockchain, is an altcoin used to secure the Algorand network by

What is The Graph (GRT)?

In the world of computers, a query is the search term an application uses to ask another application or a database for specific information. As a database with a unique design, blockchain systems don’t support these conventional queries.

What are Blockchain Bridges and How Do They Work?

Just like in the real world where bridges exist to connect one physical location to another, blockchain systems use bridges to connect to one another. With bridges, they will be able to transfer assets and information between each other.

What are Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs and How to Use One?

Bitcoin automated teller machines (ATMs), or crypto ATMs, are relatively small kiosks where you can make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency purchases with cash or debit cards. Some crypto ATMs even allow you to sell your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether for cash.

What is Stochastic RSI and How To Use It in Trading?

Stochastic RSI (StochRSI) is created based on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and the Stochastic oscillator to provide more trading signals than the original RSI indicator.

Blockchain Trilemma Explained

The blockchain trilemma believes that we need to sacrifice one of the three main properties of a blockchain system to sustain the other two. These three properties are Decentralized, Secure, and Scalable.

Beginner’s Guide To XRP

XRP, XRPL, and Ripple are distinct entities in the crypto world. XRP is the native token, XRPL is the core network, and Ripple is a finance technology company.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a blockchain-based, play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows players to enjoy an exciting virtual world by owning cute creatures called Axies. Axies are fascinating monsters and look a lot like Pokémons, the lovable Japanese creatures.


What is Generative AI?

AI is a broad term that dates back to the 1950s. Alan Turing, a legend in the tech world, laid the foundations of AI in his “Computing Machinery And Intelligence” paper by proposing a simple, yet world-changing question: Can machines think?


Understanding Blockchain Basics

A blockchain, in very simple terms, is a shared book between the members of an open (or sometimes private) network that records every transaction between the members