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Proof Of Stake Explained

Summary Proof of Stake (PoS) is a method to secure and validate transactions on a blockchain network. PoS aims to reduce the environmental impact of PoW by replacing the computational power-based validation with a system based on participants’ ownership or stake in the cryptocurrency. Proof of stake has participants, called validators, lock up a certain

Proof of Work Explained

Summary A blockchain consensus mechanism is how a blockchain network operates its nodes. Proof of Work (PoW) serves as a mechanism that secures and validates transactions on a decentralised network. Table of Contents Introduction The Web3 ecosystem is a fast-growing, innovative ecosystem. One of the innovations that make the Web3 ecosystem stand out from any

Everything There is to Know About Satoshi Nakamoto

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Bitcoin Halving Explained

Summary Bitcoin halving is an integral part of the reason why Bitcoin has been a successful cryptocurrency. It is a protocol that has been implemented to happen on the Bitcoin blockchain every 4 years to make its value inherently deflationary and self-regulate its inflation rate.   Halving corelates directly with the work Bitcoin miners do as