Bitcoin ETF: Could Things Go Wrong?

Table of Contents Wall Street Welcoming a BTC ETF The crypto community is currently buzzing with news on the launch of the first spot Bitcoin ETF for the U.S. market, closely monitoring the price of the coin, which has been significantly fluctuating over the past few weeks. If rumours were to come true, a Bitcoin

What’s the Difference Between Bitcoin Spot ETF and Bitcoin Futures ETF?

Summary An ETF acts like a stock on a stock exchange, however, it follows the price of one or a group of assets that can belong to a variety of markets Just like regular ETFs, crypto ETFs follow the price of one or a group of cryptocurrencies. A Bitcoin spot ETF is investing directly in

A Beginner’s Guide to the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model

Summary The stock-to-flow model looks at a commodity’s supply from two different angles: how much is the asset’s existing supply (Stock) and how much is yet to be produced (Flow). It then assesses the asset’s scarcity. Back in 2019, PlanB, an anonymous quantitative analyst and investor, introduced the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model in his “Modeling Bitcoin

What are Bitcoin and Crypto ATMs and How to Use One?

Bitcoin automated teller machines (ATMs), or crypto ATMs, are relatively small kiosks where you can make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency purchases with cash or debit cards. Some crypto ATMs even allow you to sell your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether for cash.


Beginners Guide to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is digital money, unlike the traditional paper cash or coins. As mentioned above, the use of Bitcoin does not require any sort of mediator while transferring funds.

What is Derivatives Trading?

Derivatives trading involves buying and selling contracts linking underlying assets, thus providing access to a variety of markets and opportunities.


Understanding Blockchain Basics

A blockchain, in very simple terms, is a shared book between the members of an open (or sometimes private) network that records every transaction between the members